The Round Table Fragments

Parzival always knew he had an older brother. But he didn’t expect him to try to kill him. Or marry his aunty. And just how do you explain the Gral?

Parzival of Monsalvat is in the temporal world again, seeking to reconcile the court of Artus of Britain. But he meets his half-brother and has some reconciliation of his own to do once he takes Feirefiz to Monsalvat to meet his unusual family. Back in Britain Artus is in open conflict with his son, Medraut, and when Medraut threatens Gwenhwyfar, Artus’s queen, Parzival intervenes. But is he too late to save Artus?


Parzival, king of Monsalvat, the lands of the Gral, arrives in Francia in time to stop his old friend Gawan being killed before his marriage to Orgeluse. He stops Gawan fighting Gramoflanz, who loves Gawan’s sister Clarissant, and enjoys the quartet of reconciliation at the court of Artus of Britain and his wife Gwenhwyfar.

He rides out to escape the atmosphere at court and meets – nearly fatally – his half-brother Feirefiz of Zazamanc, who has come to Francia to seek out his father’s family.

He takes Feirefiz to Monsalvat, where he has to explain about the power of Gral and where Feirefiz falls in love with Parzival’s aunt Repanse. But before they can marry Parzival and Feirefiz have to go to Britain, where Gwenhwyfar asks for help from the King of the Gral.

A storm hit the boats bringing Artus and his men back to Britain from Francia and Artus is apparently lost, although his trusted men Gawan and Kai managed to reach land. Medraut ensures that Gawan and Kai are occupied seeking news of Artus – and Kai’s son Galaad, who is with Artus – and takes the throne, threatening Gwenhwyfar. When she refuses to marry Medraut, he fabricates charges to condemn her to death by burning but Kai leads a force to rescue her, in a botched attempt – while Gwenhwyfar is saved, Gawan’s brothers Garet and Gaheris are killed. Gawan follows Kai and Gwenhwyfar to Camaalot, vowing vengeance, just as Artus finally returns to Britain.

Everyone converges on Camaalot where loyalties are tested and a battle inevitably ensues. Medraut is defeated and killed, but Artus has received a mortal wound and Parzival realizes he is unable to save him.

Custennin, cousin to Artus, is entrusted with rule over Britain, with guidance from Kai and Gwenhwyfar, and professes a new, more pious kingship. He encourages talk of the Holy Grail (with which Galaad is obsessed) and Parzival is relieved to leave Britain to return to Monsalvat.

His relief is short-lived, as he has to sort out his own family troubles. Repanse and Feirefiz leave for Zazamanc, taking Parzival’s youngest son Kardeiz with them, while Parzival has to prepare his son Loherangrin for his future as King of the Gral.