About this site

The first thing is that this site should be called grandsons of Gahmuret, because it was Kardeiz and Loherangrin who originally sparked my interest, research and writing. But sons of Gahmuret is definitely more catchy as a url. No mention of women, then? Well, there would be had Gahmuret engendered any female offspring; I can make no apology for this. Having started with the grandsons, I moved to the sons, and in particular one son, Parzival. That I have not written a lot about Feirefiz is because he came late to the story, not for any other reason. I am sure there’s a lot to tell there, but for various reasons I probably won’t be the one to do so.

The main image on this site is Parzival fighting Gramoflanz from Cod. Pal. germ. 339. Wolfram Von Eschenbach, Parzival. Manuscript – Hagenau – Werkstatt Diebold Lauber, um 1443-1446. https://digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/cpg339ii/0486

Who is Gahmuret?

Second son of Gandin of Anschouwe. Father of Parzival and Feirefiz. Husband of Belakâna and Herzeloyde. Critics disagree on his character: is he the “perfect picture of a mediaeval knight-errant” of Margaret Richey or the “cad … vain show-off … profligate spendthrift … womanizer, a liar, and a deceiver” of Blake Lee Spahr? His only attractions are his talent is for fighting and his physical beauty. Parzival, who admits he has inherited these traits, find one useful and the other less so. Feirefiz is not forthcoming on any inheritance.

What’s on this site?

There will be synopses of my unpublished / unpublishable novels & novellas. There will be some of the research I’ve done for this writing: which may involve travelogue and archaeology. There may be comments about other parts of my life: opera (mainly Wagner), music (varied, but invariably classical)… We’ll see how it develops.

Mouse hunt
Mouse hunt from the Norfolk Bestiary

There are no cats…

There are no cats on this site, and we all know the web was created for them. So I’ve included a picture of cats here from the Norfolk Bestiary. Two cats, one apparently more proficient at catching mice than the other. I have cats like this…

Now it’s up to you. Explore. Read. Wonder. Enjoy.