Goodly Company

The story-cycle Goodly Company is a circuitous story in several parts. Du siehst, mein Sohn, zum Raum wird hier die Zeit… It comprises

The Parzival tales

Monsalvat Get (Parzival becomes Gral-king)
Gawan and the Green Knight (short story)
The Round Table Fragments (Parzival meets his half-brother, Feirefiz)
Hearing The Light (Tristan & Iseult)

The tales of Kardeiz & Loherangrin

The Swan Knight (Lohengrin)

(taking place before Hearing The Light)
Argonautika (the voyage of the Argo)
Lo rics valens (Richard I’s crusade)
Wolf’s children (the founding of Rome)

(taking place after The Swan Knight)
Nu svnge ich vil mere… (Tannhaüser)
The little foxes… (Samuel, Book 1 – the kingship of Saul)
The homecomings… (the Myrmidon dynasty)
Der Wolfsschlucht… (Der Freischütz)