Diomedes-Jason sets sail in the Argo to find the Golden Fleece. But who is really leading the journey? Could it be the sons of Zeus? For they are more than they seem to be…

Kastor and Pollux, twin sons of Tyndareus of Sparti, travel on the Argo with Diomedes-Jason in search of the Golden Fleece. They win the Fleece and Diomedes-Jason wins a wife. However, the twins cannot help themselves interfering in other people’s affairs once too often, and they suffer the consequences – with surprising results.


The twins Kastor and Polydeuces (Pollux) travel to Iolcus to join Diomedes-Jason and the crew of the Argo on the mission to return the Golden Fleece to Hellas. As they journey through Hellas, Kastor recounts various stories – Theseus and the abduction of their sister Helen, Theseus and Procrustes, Oedipus and the Sphinx. Once at Iolcus, Kastor introduces others in the crew, including Lyncaeus and Idas, Herakles and Hylas, Peleus, Echion the Herald and Orpheus the musician. He notes that they number at least ten sons of various gods as they set sail on the Argo. Their destination is Colchis where King Aëetes holds the Golden Fleece.

They have various adventures on the way, including the welcoming women of Lemnos, a disastrous wedding at Archon, and the Clashing Rocks. They lose various crew members but finally arrive in Colchis, where, in gratitude for rescuing his sons from shipwreck, a Colchian nobleman arranges a meeting for the Argo crew with King Aëetes. King Aëetes refuses Diomedes-Jason’s request for the Golden Fleece, but his daughter Medea comes to Kastor and tells him she will help him steal the Fleece and that she plans to leave Colchis and marry Diomedes-Jason.

With Medea’s help, the crew of the Argo escape with the Fleece and on the way home they are driven off course by storm, landing on Crete where they defeat the huge metal man Talos.

Returning to Iolcus, Medea and Diomedes-Jason become rulers as a result of Medea’s trickery and Kastor and Pollux leave for Sparti. They travel with Idas and Lynceus – and when all four stop off at Leutra, things turn nasty between them. Women, of course, are involved… They part on very bad terms, only to meet again on the chariot road over Taygetos where Lynceus stabs Kastor, fatally. The god Apollo appears to the dying Kastor as he is transported to the island city of Gla.

Kastor/Kardeiz wakes in Monsalvat, to find that sacrifices have been made to get him home to his life in Monsalvat.