Der Wolfsschlucht

Kardeiz and Loherangrin of Monsalvat help Ottakar of Bohemia with the competition to run the King’s hunt. As the contestants Kilian and Max go head to head, why do the Monsalvat boys have a vested interest in the winner? And who will win?

When Kardeiz and Loherangrin of Monsalvat rescue Crown Prince Ottakar from assassins, King Wenceslas asks them to give his son further guidance. They agree to travel with Ottakar to the hunting lodge in the southern forests of Bohemia to help run the competition for the next leader of the King’s Hunt – and find that there are two contestants, Kilian and Max. Both are local boys, and Agathe the huntsman’s daughter is in love with one of them. But will the magic crossbow quarrels Kardeiz and Loherangrin give Max help him win the competition – and his bride?


Parzival of Monsalvat sends his twin sons, Loherangrin and Kardeiz, to Bohemia to be companions to Ottakar.

They arrive in Libussa in the snow and find lodgings, close to the city prison, and explore the city. Returning to their lodging they rescue Ottakar from assassins as he is freed from the prison. They accompany Ottakar to the royal residence and meet his father, King Wenceslaus, who asks Kaspar (Kardeiz) and Zamiel (Loherangrin) to accompany his son to their hunting lodge to help with a competition for the leadership of the local hunt as the current hunt leader, Kuno, is retiring. They agree and set off for the hunting lodge, with an entourage of Bohemian guards and servants.

When they arrive at the lodge, Kaspar and Zamiel meet the retiring hunt leader, Kuno,  and the main contestants, Max and Kilian. They also encounter Kuno’s daughter, Agathe, who is in love with Max, and her cousin Annette.

Max’s skill with a crossbow improves immensely when he uses some bolts provided by Kaspar and Zamiel. He asks them to get him more, and they agree, on proviso that Max meets them to receive the bolts in the wolf’s glen at night, as that way they won’t be discovered favouring one of the contestants. Max agrees and gets his seven bolts.

When everyone gathers for the competition Kaspar and Zamiel take the birds that are the targets to the trees and the competition begins. In the course of the competition, Zamiel is struck by a stay bolt and vanishes, but it is Agathe, Kaspar and the hermit, falling from the mountain path, who finally halt the competition. It is revealed that Max has won by using magic bolts that he obtained from Kaspar and Zamiel and Ottakar banishes him from Bohemia, but his order is rescinded after an appeal from the hermit. However, Kaspar is taken to be thrown over the cliff into the wolf’s glen and he takes the hermit with him as he falls.

Back in Monsalvat, Condwiramurs, wife and mother, berates her menfolk for their exploits, recent and past.