Lo rics valens

Who should rule the holy city of Hierusalëm? Richard Lionheart? Salah ed Din? Parzival of Monsalvat sends his sons to force an outcome.  But is it the one he expected?

Kardeiz and Loherangrin of Monsalvat get involved in the crusade of Richard I of England. They fight in the battles and protect Richard from the treachery of his crusading companions, but are they there to ensure the success or failure of the crusade? Their father, Parzival of Monsalvat, know what they should do – but sons are so often rebellious.


Kardeiz of Monsalvat arrives in Acre to meet up with an old friend, Herald Sable, and witness the fall of Acre to Richard Lionheart and his fellow crusaders, Philip-Augustus of France, Conrad of Monferrat and Henry of Champagne.

Philip-Augustus persuades Guy of Lusignan, king-elect of Hierusalëm, to agree that Conrad of Montferrat will have the title upon Guy’s demise, then leaves for France. Meanwhile, negotiations for payment from Salah ed Din for the Acre hostages fail, and the hostages are executed before the Christian force retreats to Jaffa.

From Jaffa Richard offers his sister Jehanne in marriage to Salah ed Din in return for free passage of all pilgrims to Heirusalëm but Saif ed Din refuses, and Richard resolves to march on Heirusalëm. The march begins in the worst weather they have met in the Holy Land and they are within sight of Heirusalëm when the Fighting Orders advise Richard to retreat. The crusader forces withdraw but have to fight Salah ed Din’s forces outside Jaffa. When Kardeiz is wounded his brother Loherangrin arrives from Monsalvat, fully armed, and his miraculous appearance ends the battle.

Back in Ascalon, unrest continues within the crusader forces. Richard hears that Conrad of Montferrat is collaborating with Salah ed Din to betray Richard. Loherangrin and Kardeiz offer to assasinate Conrad and Richard accepts, as long he cannot be implicated in the murder. The twins carry out the deed, then leave for Monsalvat.

Parzival, unimpressed with their actions, sends Kardeiz to Ascalon, but keeps Loherangrin in Monsalvat.

Back in Ascalon, Richard is persuaded by Henry of Champagne and others to march on Heirusalëm again. But his heart has gone out of the campaign, and as they near the City, Richard refuses to lead the crusaders any further, and the whole crusade falls apart. Richard plans his return to England and Kardeiz departs for Monsalvat. But he is not there long when Parzival sends him to Chalus to witness the death of Richard.