The little foxes

Samuel the Judge has found the right man to be king of Israel. But how will the chosen one depose the reigning king without destroying the kingdom – and the person he loves?

Saul unites Israel against the Philistines and creates a kingdom. But he is destined to give up what he has created to another man. This is the story of Saul’s struggle to preserve his kingdom and bring peace to Israel. But can he do this without driving his son into the arms of his enemy?


Samuel the Judge anointed Saul as king of Israel, but while Saul leads an army to defend Israel from the Philistines, his relationship with Samuel deteriorates. The war is not going well so when David the shepherd boy defeats Goliath, champion of the Philistines, in single combat, Saul welcomes him to the Israelite camp.

He persuades David to marry one of his daughters and encourages his great friendship with his son Jonathan, but David’s successes in battle and popularity with the people turn Saul against him. In one of their most bitter disagreements, Samuel tells Saul that his days as king are numbered and that David will rule Israel after him.

Jonathan defends David against Saul’s outbursts of jealousy, but eventually David is forced to leave Israel. While the Israelite army continues to skirmish with the Philistines, David makes several attempts to make personal peace with Saul. In spite of Jonathan’s continuing support for David, he is rebuffed each time by an increasingly erratic Saul.

With the death of Samuel, the war with the Philistines comes to a head. Saul seeks for advice from the ghost of Samuel but gets none. Saul goes into the deciding battle with the Philistines, praying that David will come and save Israel, although he knows he and Jonathan are doomed.