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Compiling this has taken me back to the Research Assessment Exercise (now REF) of 2008 for UK Universities, when I and two other co-workers were responsible for entering all the Faculty outputs on a monolithic database endearingly entitled “The Research Gateway”. You had to verify each entry, sometime provided on a scrap of paper, to make sure it was accurate.

There were conversations that went

“And what is the precise title of your book?”
“Not sure. But it’s that big blue one on the second shelf above the computer in your office…”


“Here I have the published version of the chapter you wrote for X book….”
“That’s not the title I wanted to give it. I want to use the title I like for the RAE.”

So I apologize now for imprecise titles and hopeful rather than accurate references.

The jstor links can be accessed in full via institutional logins. This won’t help everybody, for which I am sorry.

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