Web resources

The web, and easy access to information, has saved the researcher from many hours in dusty libraries and inhospitable attics. It is a joy and a danger. We all know the pitfalls Dr Google will open up…

These, however, some of the websites with overarching information I have used – with grateful thanks. Specific information sites are listed under the appropriate heading.

Bayreuth Festival – I have been there – a life-ambition for Wagner fans. There’s a useful database of productions if you dig about at bit.

The Heraldry Society – and in particular the page on Fictional Arthurian Arms. I should probably apologise to them for any infelicities in my armorial descriptions and the creation of the Royal School of Heraldry in Santen.

King’s College London Medieval Series – for many years I was the typesetter/designer for this excellent series. The current series editor is Julian Weiss – a good friend, who would probably shake his head sadly at my misappropriation of knowledge…

Nightbringer – an excellent resource from Veronica in Sweden, especially on Arthur & Grail legends. Remarkable – this site saved me many times from hunting for the elusive book I’d just put back on the shelves.

The Monsalvat website – in particular the wealth of information about Parsifal – by Derrick Everett. Sir, I salute you.

Stellenbibliographie zum Parzival compiled by David Yeandle & Carol Wagner. In the conception phase of this project, I was part of the committee that awarded a tiny amount of funding so it could go on to flourish, via the awards from other sources and the hard work of David Y and his assistant Carol W. It is with much satisfaction – and bemusement – that I look at the immense work it has become. 

Wolfram von Eschenbach Museum. I’ve not been there – one of my regrets – but there’s information about it to explore on the web.