I took a photograph today of our latest flowering of snowdrops. They are early ones, probably an elwesii type, judging by the size of the flowers and the shape of the leaves which are just showing (the label had gone missing, no doubt uprooted in one of my more energetic weeding exercises). But they’re not the earliest ones in our garden – we had a couple of fine clumps of Reginae-olgae which flowered in October. They appear without leaves, brave little Galanthus named for the Queen Regent of Greece in the 1920s and native to that country, and require a slightly warmer, sunnier position than most snowdrops. Our border nearest the house (south facing, gritty soil) is clearly good for this, but it’s the first year we’ve had two clumps of them. Sadly, little Reginae-olgae only lasted about a couple of weeks before snails munched some of the flowers and wind and rain battered the petals off the rest.

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