Goodly Company family tree

There’s a larger version of the Family tree of the Gral Family and House of Pendragon shown on this page.

The family tree I’ve created is based on the genealogy of the Gral Family from von Eschenbach rather than Wagner.

Let Kardeiz explain (as he does to Elza in The Swan Knight):

“So what do you know of Anfortas?”
“He was king of Monsalvat after his father Titurel and he lost the spear to the wicked wizard Klingsor who had put temptation in the form of a beautiful woman in front of Amfortas. As he dallied with her, Klingsor stole the spear and wounded Amfortas before he left. But the spear was returned to Monsalvat by your father, Parzival, after he reclaimed it from wicked Klingsor and he healed Amfortas with the spear.”
“Well, parts of that are right,” I admitted. I decided to stay with the older generation of the family, rather than recount any version I knew of Klinschor’s encounter with my father. “Titurel’s son was not Anfortas but Frimutel, who by all accounts was a bit of a wild one, hence his current situation. Frimutel had five children, one of whom is Anfortas. Titurel passed the crown not to his son but to his grandson.”
She frowned. “Am? An?”
“Anfortas,” I said firmly, while relieved she didn’t query my reference to Frimutel’s condition. How does one explain a head in a pot? Easier to show than tell…
“You’re speaking as he’s alive,” she said. “I thought the healing killed him.”
I gave a cough of laughter. I’d heard Anfortas say that Parzival rammed the spear point into his wound as if to kill him, but the effect had been quite different. Another one of my father’s contrary actions. “No, no. He wasn’t killed. He was healed and still lives in Monsalvat.”
She looked relieved and nodded. Then, “You said Frimutel had five children?”
“Yes. Anfortas. Repanse, who left Monsalvat with her husband and lives in Zazamanc. Trevrizent, who left Monsalvat to be a hermit. Schoysiane, who is dead, long time past. And Herzeloyde, who was my father’s mother.”
“She’s dead too, isn’t she?”
I glanced at Elza. She had sounded mildly critical. I lifted an eyebrow.
“I know the story,” she said, slightly defensively….