Who am I?

I was named for both of my (runaway) aunts so I have no name I call my own. I make masks – from clay and wool, from fabric and hair. I write unpublishable novels – from memory and ambition, from people I thought I knew and places I could smell and taste and almost see.  I make music – from voice and sound and silence.

Oh, all right. I have recently retired from work as a part time graphic designer and minder of internal research grant competitions for a university and live in London. I have a BA in English and Drama and an MA in Shakespeare Studies. I enjoy books with footnotes and others of a lighter kind. I am married. We have cats, not children. I like the operas of Wagner and other, more eclectic, music. I cook, I drink gin, I try and keep a large (for London) garden in check. I am happy, with occasional down days. I have advanced cancer and have taken part in a radiotherapy and immunotherapy trial at Royal Marsden. Enough.

Why am I starting this site now?

Because I’d like more people than my immediate family to read something of what I create. Because I want a repository for my writing. I want to share my enthusiasm for my research that underpins my creations. Because I have advanced cancer and don’t have much time left, so conventional publishing timelines are out of my reach. Let’s concentrate on the first three reasons, shall we?

Now it’s up to you. Explore. Read. Wonder. Enjoy.